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NC tech, s.r.o. | Služby - Projektovanie

Design of machines

  • Proposal of technical solutions

    Almost every assignment can be solved in different ways, but with the same result. The fundamental law of nature is MINI-MAX: minimum effort - maximum gain.
    We try to apply this principle also in our technical solutions. If you have an assignment, contact us and we will propose you „our“ solution.

  • Planning activities

    Many devices are able to be produced also without project, and many practicians also apply this method. But there is much larger category of machines which do not do without project. And if project is needed, it is profitable to invest into quality and to decrease the realisation costs in advance.
    We look out for processing your entire project of device wiring, following the legislation, technical standards and the up-to-date accessible components which have the most convenient rate price/performance.

  • Proposal and development of electric machine parts

    If you are working on new machine or need to add another function to the old one, we will gladly develop solution corresponding to actual legistation and actual supply of the most fitting components.

  • Increase in safety functions of machine

    Although safety is usally handled because of „Offices“, everybody is surely aware of the possible dangers concerning operation staff health, and tools and machinery parts as well. These dangerous situations most commonly arise spontaneously, and therefore we usually learn from it first when the situation happens to us, in better case for us, when we get know about it from our colleagues. Safety legislation develops in similar way – by evaluation of injury statistics. Therefore many dangerous situations, which we overlooked in the past, are today possible to be minimise by software modification or by adding other safety components for the lowest price from the value of „object in danger“.

  • Machinery risk analysis

    If you construct or manufacture industrial devices, it is inevitable to analyse the risks connected to its future usage and to minimise them to acceptable degree in pocess of product manufacturing. Due to our experience with EU legislation and technical standards, we are able to develop risk analysis in practical and usable form.